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DONK is an Icelandic company based on Icelandic design of fastening products for outdoor and indoor use. This unique line of products makes it very easy to move any decorative items around a wooden patio, where the exceptional T-mount can be used to fasten the products without leaving a mark on the wall or the floor. DONK products can also be fastened with a stainless screw it that is more applicable, for example to fasten the beautiful designed DONK Curvy inside your living room, mounted to a concrete wall.

DONK is designed by the entrepreneur Einar Gislason. The idea is based on a conversation and issues he and his wife had with decorating their outdoor patio back in 2008. Einar did not want to leave marks on his wooden patio and they also discussed why they needed to decide where an item should be placed, like it would be there for the rest of their live. Why not come up with a smarter solution based on the possibility to move items around the patio, based on how the sun was shining and wind was blowing?

With this idea Einar started to experiment with a few items and came down to the idea around the T-mount. The T-Mount was the key to a different approach from screwing things to his wooden patio; instead items could be fastened and then loosened and moved around. With this different approach Einar started designing different products and he is still working on some new ideas.

All DONK products are made of stainless steel (AISI 304).

If you have any further questions please don`t hesitate to contact us!

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